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This morning, from the INFORMS Twitter feed, there was a link to a video from Hammer (formerly MC Hammer) about the importance of analytics in marketing rap music. It’s only a minute, and has clips from “U Can’t Touch This”, so you might as well watch it:

As someone who loves rap, and loves working with data, I don’t disagree with him about the power of analytics. I’d hesitate to call analytics the “endgame”, though. It’s a tool (more precisely, a set of tools), but not the outcome. But it’s a powerful toolkit, especially in this day of being able to directly communicate with fans via Twitter and Facebook, being able to release music when you feel like it on SoundCloud, DatPiff, and other services, and myriad routes to getting the music out there that didn’t exist a decade ago. While I don’t think it will replace promoters, and street teams, and all of that, I think it’s going to be a useful adjunct to make sure those limited resources are used better.

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